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NEW! Improved Access to your EHC and Dental AND Enhanced Benefits January 1, 2021


Our Plan Administrator, D.A. Townley, is launching a brand-new claims system October 1, 2020. They will be reassigning all new certificate numbers to every covered Member. This will mean that you will receive new wallet cards in the mail in September to replace the card you currently have. You will need to present this NEW card on your first visit to your dentist on or after October 1, 2020 so that they are able to submit your claim to the Plan without service interruption. Please ensure you watch for your new cards in the mail.

Effective January 1st, the Trustees of the Plan are excited to announce that your coverage will include Pay Direct processing of your prescription drugs, dental and paramedical expenses such as chiropractor visits, physiotherapy visits, and massage therapy visits with participating practitioners. In December, provided you are eligible for coverage under the Plan, you will receive Pay Direct cards for you and for your spouse. You will also be able to use these cards for vision care purchases with participating providers. More information will be included with your new Pay Direct Cards to be sent to you in December.

Also later this year, D.A. Townley will launch a brand-new Member Web Portal and an app that can be downloaded to IOS and Android devices. You’ll have greater access to information about your benefit coverage and have the ability to submit your reimbursement claims directly through the app. More details will be provided later this year. The current Member portal has been disabled during this transition period.

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